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Develop Extraordinary Leadership Teams and a Resilient Workforce

To thrive in a VUCA world organisations must develop extraordinary leadership teams and a resilient workforce, able not only to create but also to sustain an optimised organisation.  Without strengthening skills and competencies such as resilience, knowledge sharing, resource consciousness, learning agility, openness to change and collaboration, organisations will not be able to sustain optimisation efforts and performance levels. Vitatalent uses the latest technologies and offer best in class development solutions to assist organisations in finding the ‘antidote’ to VUCA.

Accelerate Performance and Development with:

vuca fit leaders

The only End-to-End Assessment and Development Programme for VUCA Readiness

Are your Leaders VUCA FIT?

accelerating women to leadership

Changing the Game for Women

4th generation acceleration centres

Fast Paced Acceleration Delivering and Improved Performance Curve

building a resilient workforce

Give Your Organisation a Competitive Advantage by Building a Resilient Workforce



Pre-loaded with a  Comprehensive Library of Researched Based Competencies



VUCA Ready Insights to Identify and Develop Your Future Leaders

The Challenge


How do you accelerate the performance of newly formed executive teams, equip boards to lead a culture change or prepare directors for an equity buyout?


We understand the bottom line impact caused by misalignment within and across senior teams and work closely with clients to align leadership behaviours with operational environments. Our approach works top down, is coupled with strategy and is sensitive to the needs of your segmented markets.

The Solution


Vitatalent offers a world class toolkit for executive assessment, development planning, team facilitation and coaching. We help you build executive teams that are able to communicate effectively, make informed decisions and are agile to change.

A Leadership Acceleration Programme with a Business Focus

Critical performance drivers in this programme include:


Trust - helping teams build trust and a sense of a common purpose

Governance - helping teams handle conflict effectively and leverage diversity

Team Brand - helping teams develop a real sense of accountability and commitment to each other

Performance - helping teams to achieve peak performance and add value to the business through enhanced authentic leadership, strategic influence and resilience


Women to Leadership

​​In our work with clients, we always emphasise that breakthrough opportunities are latent in the acceleration of the full capability and potential of women in the workplace. As reported by the Businesswomen’s Association of South Africa (BWASA) in the 2015 South African Women in Leadership Census, South Africa is still without adequate representation of women in JSE-listed corporations “it is very concerning that only 8.79% of JSE-listed companies have 25 % or more women directors and only 2.4% women are appointed in CEO positions”

Vitatalent’s solutions for Accelerating Women to Leadership delivers innovative programmes, focused on developing game-changing leaders that are skilled in successfully navigating the complexities and obstacles that comes with the terrain.

We design bespoke solutions for the inspiration and capacity building of women in business through a variety of initiatives and opportunities for growth and development which include:​

  • Creating solutions that examine structures and methods of accelerating women

  • Technology accelerators and a variety of initiatives to connect mentors and mentees

  • Incorporating research on experiences of women in leadership 

  • Building commitment from the top executive women towards identifying, developing, and retaining the next generation of women leaders 

  • Co-creating the public profiles of women and developing the required networks​


are your leaders vuca fit ?

4th generation

acceleration centres 

Vitatalent’s 4th Generation Acceleration Centres not only accurately assesses skills and competency levels of participants, but also facilitates high impact learning and development at the same time.  

4th Generation Acceleration centres facilitates accelerated learning and provides an exceptional candidate experience whilst assessing specified skills and competencies. ​


During our high paced acceleration centres, participants receive feedback and coaching immediately following each exercise and are expected to apply the learning and feedback as they progress showing an improved performance curve from start to finish.


Vitatalent's 4th Generation Acceleration Centres facilitates accelerated learning and provides an exceptional candidate experience whilst accurately assessing leadership potential.


Fast Facts: 

  • Accurately assesses a comprehensive range of skills and competencies

  • Tracks the candidate’s performance curve and ability to apply learning   

  • Accelerates development 

  • Exceptional participant experience

  • Participants receive a professionally edited recording of their performance –  for powerful development post the event


are your leaders vuca fit ?

Building a more resilient workforce is a competitive advantage for any organisation to navigate the uncertainty inherent to a turbulent and hyper-competitive market


To assist organisations in building more resilience across all levels of leadership, Vitatalent offers a comprehensive range of assessment and development solutions.,

Our solutions include assessments such as The Resilience Questionnaire™ that examines the aspects of an individual’s ability to respond to setbacks and challenges.

building a resilient workforce

Resilience -  A Critical Driver for Peak Performance

Thriving in Challenging Times

The Resilience Questionnaire™ has a developmental focus, providing information on thinking patterns, preferences and behaviours and is aimed at providing leaders with the skills required to effectively deal with stress and change.


measures eight researched based drivers of resilience:​


  • Self-Belief    

  • Optimism  

  • Purposeful Direction  

  • Adaptability

  • Ingenuity  

  • Challenge Orientation  

  • Emotion Regulation  

  • Support Seeking


A fully customisable online 360° feedback survey that covers all leadership and managerial competencies.  360 Propel™ delivers reports that are easy to understand, clearly prioritised and focused on the end goal


The outcome:  less time and money spent interpreting the results, and more focus and energy given to planning and taking action.


360 Propel™ includes highly effective development planning tools to accelerate performance.

Pre-loaded with a  Comprehensive Library of Researched Based Competencies

360 propel



  • Set Up and Go: Contains over 200 questions mapped to the competency library

  • Fast Administration:  We build the survey to suit your needs and manage all aspects of the administration process

  • Effortless Customisation:  Integrates seamlessly with your existing competencies

  • Enhanced Branding:  Questionnaire and feedback reports that meet your branding requirements


​An online 360 feedback survey to quickly and effectively measure the behaviours that differentiate VUCA FIT leaders.


Pre-loaded with 60 well researched behavioural statements relating to the five LIVED® dimensions.​ LIVED 360 quickly, simply and effectively measures leaders and potential leaders against critical areas of effective leadership behaviour.

lived 360

This ready-to-use, online, 360 degree feedback tool based on a cutting edge leadership framework for VUCA Readiness

fast facts


  • Clear report design and user-friendly format delivers results easy to understand and act upon

  • Extended reports available – with additional comments, top ten and bottom ten question ratings, question ratings for rater groups, blind spots for strengths and development needs

are your leaders vuca fit ?

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