The continued flux in the economy has dictated the pursuit of organisational optimisation.  The new name of the game is competing by capability maximisation where limited resources need to be optimised to their full potential to maximise resource utilisation, efficiency and effectiveness. Vitatalent creates and designs customised solutions to achieve ideal state optimisation throughout your organisation’s Talent Life Cycle, by leveraging international and local technologies, research, analytics and industry insights.

Achieve Ideal State Optimisation with


The New Name of The Game is Competing by Capability Maximisation

Achieve Ideal State Optimisation with



Organisational Design for the VUCA World

holistic competency framework design 

Total Alignment and Integration for Consistency

optimising the talent life cycle

Delivering Talent Results Efficiently and Effectively

Identify and Eliminate Barriers to Talent Life Cycle Efficiency's


As your organisation grows the challenges in the external environment become more complex.  Talent processes, structures and systems that once worked become barriers to efficiency, customer service, employee engagement and ultimately financial profitability. 


Our professional services experts are skilled and experienced architects that work with you to shape your business needs into effective HR strategy and Talent plans.

We design, plan, and project manage your implementation to deliver solutions that meet your business objectives.

Transformation Model


Our methodology follows a structured approach which identifies dysfunctional aspects of work flow, procedures, structures and systems.  Once identified we realign processes to fit current business realities against future goals and then develop solutions to implement the new changes.


Using our Transformation Model, we facilitate a comprehensive assessment of your organisation to understand how it functions, its strengths and weaknesses to ensure alignment to your core ideology and business strategy. 

Optimising TALENT LIFE CYCLE Processes

Delivering talent results efficiently and effectively requires organisations to optimise processes across the height and breadth of the talent life cycle. Our methodologies include a review of process relationships, inter-dependencies and information flow across functional areas thereby accelerating great insights to realisation.  Understanding how to utilise technology to accelerate performance throughout the Talent Life Cycle has become increasingly critical to gaining competitive advantage. We understand the value of technology, and offer technology enabled products and solutions – reducing time and costs.

Our approach includes mapping your organisation’s talent management practices against the breadth of the full Talent Life Cycle, to identify strategic opportunities aligned to business drivers.


To optimise performance, we review process relationships, process inter-dependencies and information flow across functional areas to uncover great insights for process optimisation.

Organisational Design

Organisational design for the VUCA world is a powerful tool for accelerating performance with modern agile design principles following the flow of information and expertise instead of hierarchical structures. Our organisation design practitioners are skilled and experienced architects that provide design methodologies to accelerate performance. Vitatalent’s organisational design solutions offers best practice governance and operating models that ensures design frameworks are optimised when transitioning from traditional organisational design to a modern VUCA fit organisational design model.

Our experience has shown that effective Organisational Design can unleash a tremendous amount of latent people potential.  At the same time, these initiatives are invariably stressful and emotionally taxing to those involved and affected.  We know,  that all organisations are unique, and each organisational design initiative must be contextualised to the life cycle of the organisation.  


In order to be successful, Organisation Design and Change Management efforts need to work in harmony, with strategic clarity to guide the way. 


Holistic Competency Framework Design

Where leadership competency frameworks are typically limited to behavioural competencies, Vitatalent’s methodologies are comprehensive and holistic, encompassing all dimensions that are most likely to predict future performance with proven links to business goals.  Central to our approach is total alignment and integration ensuring consistency of the competency framework application when selecting, developing and engaging talent. 


The first step to Developing a Forward-looking, Business-driven Leadership Competency Framework,  is to clearly define what it means to be a leader or manager in your organisation.  To achieve this we draw on validated definitions for capabilities and potential as well as include your organisation’s values, industry, business strategy, and brand.

Our approach includes clearly defining and understanding level specific challenges, to ensure your competency framework is not only aligned to the overall business strategy but also aligned to level specific leadership challenges.

In building a holistic competency framework, we typically include the following:

  • Leadership Capabilities  - What the leaders need to know and show to drive measurable business outcomes.

  • Leadership Values - What all leaders must demonstrate

  • Leadership Potential – The speed at which your leaders can develop

  • Leadership Brand – The story you tell yourselves and the external stakeholders of what it means to be a leader in your organisation.


Every organisation has a different set of priorities and a unique workplace culture.  As competency specialists, Vitatalent has helped many organisations develop competency architectures to support their HR goals and wider strategic objectives.   


Defining Your Competency Architecture


Before developing competency profiles, it is highly recommended that you first clearly define your organisation’s competency architecture considering all aspects most likely to predict future performance as defined by your organisation's business strategy.


A clearly defined architecture will help you build consistent role profiles across your organisation that are easy to understand, communicate, and implement. If you skip  this critical step, you are likely to end up with profiles that are different from one department to the next and are less effective at supporting the overall business goals.

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