Improve Speed and Quality of Hire

We offer a comprehensive range of Talent Acquisition Solutions to assist organisations in optimising their selection processes to improve speed and quality of hire.  Vitatalent uses the latest assessment technologies and offer best in class assessments from a&dc - Assessment and Development Consultants UK, as well as those developed by Vitatalent Consulting. Whatever your Talent Acquisition needs, our solutions are cutting edge and include a comprehensive series of world class assessments for all work situations, covering most competencies, industry sectors, business functions and career levels. 

Improve Speed & Quality of Hire with



World's Largest Collection of Online Business Simulations


A Series of Day in the Life Assessments to Select from for all  Job Levels



Over 30 Business Simulations Covering Most Industry Sectors



Assess up to 12 Competencies within an Immersive Online Environment


Greater Assessment Realism for Total Accuracy


manage your own assessment platform

Complete Self



Accelerate from Paper Based to Virtual Assessments



Cutting Edge Technology to Bring Group Discussion Simulations into the Digital Age



Judgement and Decision-Making for all Work Situations

Smart aptitude series

Utilising the Latest Adaptive Test Technology

Executive  search

Serious Hunting



Fast and Accurate Assessment of Behaviour



Used by Over 30 000 Organisations Across the Globe


Virtual Business Simulations


Virtual Business Simulations measures simulated on the job performance in response to the realistic challenges associated with a specific role.


We place participants in a specific industry sector and business function, simulate different challenges, observe and record how they react and then rate how effective they were in resolving the challenges presented to them.

World's Largest Collection of             Online Business Simulations


VirtualAC™ simulates an online desktop environment, enabling you to deliver highly immersive and interactive simulation exercises anywhere in the world.  

For an exceptional candidate experience, it facilitates a working in ‘real time’ simulation with features such as voice-mails and new fly in emails that arrive during the business simulation exercise.

Customisation and Design 


We design bespoke business simulations, which accurately reflect appropriate situations relating to your organisations business context.   


Talk to our client service team for further information on customisation and design options. 


VirtualAC™ Utilises the Latest Virtual Assessment Technologies that Deliver a Series of Highly Immersive and Interactive Simulation Exercises.  



With a series of Day in the Life assessments to select from for all job levels, participants are presented with information and challenging issues to deal with through a variety of formats, such as emails, video messages, voice-mails, calendar items, documents and organograms.  

VirtualAC™ provides a challenging and immersive experience and accurately assesses a range of competencies to provide valuable talent insights. 

Virtual Inbox 

Virtual Inbox offers an innovative online assessment environment within which participants must effectively deal with challenging tasks and situations. With over 30 different inbox exercises, covering most industry sectors, business functions and career levels, the full range allows you to select the most appropriate situation relating to the target role within your organisation.

Virtual Analysis 

Virtual Analysis Exercises requires participants to analyse verbal, numerical, quantitative and qualitative information about a level specific work situation and produce a report with their conclusions and recommendations. Participants are assessed across a range of competencies including problem analysis, judgement and decision making skills, within an immersive online desktop environment.  


Vitatalent’s assessor led centres are facilitated by our experienced assessors who are all skilled at accurately assessing competencies whilst ensuring an exceptional and positive participant experience.  For our assessor led Assessment Centres we use the world leading AC-EXS™ range which includes over 250 simulation exercises for all work situations, covering multiple competencies, industry sectors, business functions and career levels.

Greater Assessment Realism

 For total accuracy and realism, we design bespoke exercises that are specifically related to your organisation's competency framework and assessment requirements

assessor led assessment centres

fast facts


  • Assessments are configured to reflect your organisation's industry sector and relevant business function for total accuracy and realism

  • Assessments Centres are available for Non- Management, Graduate, Front Line, Mid Level Leaders , Senior Leaders and Executives

  • Includes a comprehensive range of challenging and immersive Group Assessment Business Simulations 

  • Tried and tested Business Simulations used by leading organisations in over 50 countries

Apollo™ enables organisations to administer a comprehensive range of online assessments for recruiting, selecting, developing and engaging talent through a web-based assessment platform.  Apollo™ offers organisations complete self-sufficiency and a quick, efficient way to administer online business simulations, assessments, and surveys. 

manage your own assessment platform

Complete Self Sufficiency  

 Ideal for Organisations who require full self-sufficiency in all aspects of managing their assessment process

fast facts


  • Over 60 world class assessments hosted on the Online Platform

  • Flexible credit based payment system and no annual licencing fees

  • Multiple user login functionality for easy project management

  • Supervised and unsupervised administration modes

  • Easy project progress monitoring through a user friendly home screen alerts

  • System generated reports to reduce report writing requirements

  • Integrates with most Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) for a seamless user experience  

e-Valuate® makes all of your assessment centres paperless. Using e-Valuate® on iPads and laptops will revolutionise your assessment process, saving you time, money and resources. Data is gathered and analysed to generate powerful evidence for validity, bench-marking and evaluation.


Accelerate from Paper Based to Virtual Assessment Centres


fast facts

  • Makes the running of all centres more efficient

  • Automatically updates amendments to timetables in real time

  • Automates all report writing

  • Automates ranking of scores


A series of highly effective situational judgement tests based on specific scenarios for a number of roles including: management, graduate, administration, customer service and call centre staff. Candidates are required to rate the effectiveness of a series of responses to practical, realistic and relevant job scenarios, resulting in greater perceived job relevance. 



Measures Judgement and Decision-Making Skills for all

Work Situations

Tests in the series includes:


  • Administrative Dilemmas

  • Graduate Dilemmas

  • Customer Service Dilemmas

  • Call Centre Dilemmas

  • Management Dilemmas

The Smart Aptitude™ Series offers the latest development in ability testing technology. The series is a suite of adaptive ability tests that assess your candidates’ potential and capability to be a high performer at your organisation. The tests are designed for use across all sectors and functions for apprentice, graduate, managerial and executive level jobs.

smart aptitude

The Smart Aptitude™ Series Offers the Latest Development in Ability Testing Technology

fast facts


  • High levels of accuracy and reliability ensuring decisions can be made on objective and valid information

  • The adaptive nature of the tests ensures questions are aligned to the candidates’ ability levels

  • A growing item bank of questions, means candidates are presented with a unique combination of questions which maintains the fidelity of the process

  • Adaptive technology accelerates testing time

Vitatalent offers a complete range of competency based interview solutions, including competency design, interviewing skills training and technology accelerators that provides everything you need to create professional Competency Based Interviews online. CBI-Smart™ is an online Competency Based Interview builder that enables interviewers to quickly create Competency Based Interview Guides from a database of over 1,000 proven CBI questions, assessing most competencies.



Used  By Over 30 000 Organisations Internationally

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  • Used by over 30 000 organisations

  • Library of over 1,000 questions

  • Includes over 1400 behavioural indicators

  • Creates professional interview guides in minutes

  • Guides include questions, behavioural indicators and comprehensive scoring guidelines

The PDA Questionnaire is a highly effective behavioural assessment that examines an individual’s behavioural style and provides valuable information on all aspects of behaviour including areas such as; leadership style, decision-making and strength and development areas.  


Fast and Accurate Assessment of Behaviour

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fast facts

The PDA measures five researched based components of behaviour

  • Results orientation

  • People orientation

  • Detail orientation

  • Conformity to rules

  • Self Control 

Business Sim® uses cutting edge technology to deliver a series of Group Discussion Exercises which requires minimal facilitation.  Group challenges are delivered through a variety of engaging and interactive audio and visual formats, such as video’s and social media feeds which generates and displays changing information and realistic scenarios ensuring a dynamic and engaging participant experience.    



Cutting Edge Technology to Bring Group Discussion Simulations into the Digital Age

fast facts

  • Business Sim® embraces technology to provide a cutting edge experience for both participant and assessor

  • The realistic working environment will test the participants’ key skills and give them a realistic job

  • This highly engaging and immersive setting will improve the participant experience

  • Information is pre-recorded, providing consistency and greater control over content, thereby removing human error and interruptions


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