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The Possibilities for HR as the Value Creator and Talent Analytics as the Accelerator has Become Game-Changing   

Talent Analytics is the new must have with many recent surveys reporting that most employers believe that organisations that embrace talent analytics will be more successful in the long term. The possibilities for Human Resources as the value creator and Talent Analytics as the accelerator has become game-changing as organisations and evolving talent practices create an abundance of data.    

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Transition from Operational Reporting to Predictive Talent Analytics 

Organisations that excel at talent management and have advanced capabilities in acquiring and retaining the best talent, tend to out-perform their industry’s average return to shareholders.  To achieve this, leading organisations today, are looking for a road-map to improve their talent analytics capabilities, by transitioning from operational reporting to advanced statistical models and predictive analytics.

From our experience we know the importance of ensuring accurate data  and quality metrics and that Data quality is imperative to Talent Analytics. If the data is inaccurate, business leaders could easily come to the wrong conclusions as small errors can be magnified and result in inaccurate decisions.  


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Data-Driven Insights that Provide Visibility and Planning Capabilities to Support Future Growth   

Vitatalent’s Talent Analytics Solutions are aimed at identifying performance gaps for each level of leadership aligned to overarching business objectives by targeting specific development needs and acquisition strategies for critical talent segments. Our methodology is based on the whole person and includes dimensions that define talent specifically for your organisation..


Mature Talent analytics organisations are more likely to:

  • Realise  efficiency gains and cost reduction

  • Improve their leadership pipelines

  • Improve their recruiting efforts

In the evolution of Talent Analytics and big data, algorithms that generate insight are what Talent Analytics is all about.


However, from our experience we know that accurate predictions don’t come from a single data source and that is why our analytics methodology is based on the whole person and includes dimensions that define talent specifically for your organisation.

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Unlock Talent Intelligence on candidate Acceleration Readiness

Vitatalent specialises in developing predictive algorithms to create talent insight to improve business outcomes.


Our analytics capabilities integrates talent data with additional business performance data to provide real insights into the link between talent strategies and business outcomes.

Vitatalent’s analytics service professionals have proven capability to create effective dashboards for business and HR leaders, which include the Development of Predictive Models, Scenario Planning, Risk Analysis and Integration with Strategic Planning.

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Visualise Talent Data to Unlock Actionable Insights

Our talent dashboards visualise sophisticated data analysis and enable organisations to quickly see trends, talent strengths and potential risks that enable stakeholders to “drill down” and filter the data by different talent segments.  


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