In today’s VUCA world where organisations are continuously focused on efficiency, cost reduction and how to leverage data to improve the quality of decision making, the drive for ideal state optimisation is at the centre of future proofing the organisation against the unpredictability of the future.  These conditions are true within every business function but never more so than in Talent Management.

Vitatalent assists organisations in taking their talent and business to new levels of performance, delivering results on scale and at speed. We achieve this through scaling insight-driven strategies across the Talent Life Cycle that drives alignment to the strategic vision and ensures ideal state optimisation can be achieved and sustained.

our blueprint for Acceleration


Taking Talent and Business to New Levels of Performance, Delivering Results on Scale and at Speed


process design and optimisation

Our approach includes a review of process relationships, process inter- dependencies and information flow across functional areas to translate great insights into benefit realisation.

technology accelerators

We utilise technology to accelerate performance throughout the Talent Life Cycle to ensure our clients realise a competitive advantage.

Monitor for continued  improvement

Our methodologies consist of research practices, procedures and analytics that distil large volumes of data into clear, precise, actionable insight and talent dashboards as a lever for business decision-making.

mapping your talent lifecycle

By mapping your organisation’s talent management practices against the breadth of the full Talent Life Cycle, we are able to identify strategic opportunities aligned to business drivers to optimise performance.


measure and bEnchmark current performance

Current performance data provides the information required to drive improved decisions and a platform to prioritise organisational focus points.  The Result:  Improvement planning is done by business priorities.

create alignment throughout the talent life cycle

Ensuring the criteria used to acquire, develop and manage talent is aligned to the organisation’s future vision and business imperatives.

A Journey of Talent Life Cycle Optimisation


In our advisory capacity we get close to our clients, critically evaluating and understanding their needs and requirements. We do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise and then building the most appropriate solutions to optimise and accelerate Talent  Life Cycle processes. Starting from strategy development, operational structure to tactical delivery solutions, we follow a structured and stream-lined approach to facilitate maximum input whilst ensuring we respect the limited time of your employees.

We Inspire Clients to Think Optimisation


Our solutions are supported by extensive research and ongoing optimisation.  Through our research capabilities,

we continuously monitor and adjust our own Blueprint for Acceleration Model to ensure that our clients benefit from global best practice, the latest industry insights and business driven thinking.

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