Strategic planning is fundamental to achieving sustainable organisational performance but often execution breakdowns occur due to organisational complexities created by misaligned and competing activities, processes, functional groups and systems.  Our dedicated consultants have extensive experience with a proven track record in effectively navigating this terrain, having successfully implemented numerous client solutions and projects, we have a deep understanding of what is required to ensure a successful outcome.

Transition from Operational HR to Strategic HR with


It's the Follow Through That Makes the Difference

game changing strategy 

Creating an Authentic Connection Between  Your  Organisation and Your Talent

value & culture Blue prints

Navigating Uncertainty in a Hyper-Competitive Marketplace Through Values and Culture

planning for talent by business priorities

Proactive Talent Planning to Achieve Business Goals

Accelerate your Talent Ambitions by Leveraging the Knowledge of our Experts

​With the growing emphasis on Human Capital transformation and the new world of work, many HR departments are trying to transform their legacy environments to better perform against business objectives.  HR leaders can no longer depend on the past to guide the future. Making this transformation is not easy and the different approaches and road maps to HR optimisation can be overwhelming.

We help clients achieve actionable insights to enable informed decisions towards HR optimisation.

Accelerate Transformation while Mitigating Business Risk 

Making informed talent decisions when the stakes are high is critically important. We can help you speed the process of defining the right solution and the best way to safely capture business value.


Vitatalent provides Talent Life Cycle Transformation and Architecture Consulting Services to guide your journey and to help you develop new Human Capital Strategies that support your business objectives.

Planning for Talent by Business Priorities

Ambitious business strategies require that the very best talent be sourced, engaged, developed, and retained. With many organisations looking to achieve growth through entering new markets, the need for proactive talent planning is increasing and we are often asked by our clients -        


“What talent capabilities will we need to enter new markets, shake up the status quo and shift to a more entrepreneurial culture to successfully implement our strategy?”  

Vitatalent’s methodologies prioritises business goals to inform the quality and quantity of talent required, delivering talent insights and strategies. We design customised insight-driven solutions to determine the most effective and efficient ways of identifying, attracting and developing the required talent.  Our approach is comprehensive and holistic encompassing all dimensions that are most likely to predict future performance whilst ensuring alignment to your organisation’s business goals.

a Game Changing Talent Strategy


From our experience we know what sets a game changing strategy apart from others ...


.... and that is a talent strategy that it is fully integrated with the organisation’s business strategy and holistically addresses team, business unit, divisional and regional talent requirements.


Vitatalent’s talent strategy methodologies focuses on developing game-changing leaders, that do not only excel at articulating the vital importance of talent management, but are also fully engaged in their organisation’s actual practices. Central to our approach is gaining commitment from the executive team and ensuring line leaders are accountable for spotting, developing, and retaining the next generation of leaders.

In today’s VUCA world, a resilient culture is a competitive advantage that enables organisational agility when navigating uncertainty in a turbulent and hyper-competitive marketplace. Vitatalent’s Values and Culture Blueprints offer an integrated solution to defining and building your ideal organisational culture through a comprehensive and systematic process.

Our Cultural Diagnostic provides a comprehensive, analytic-driven method to drive & sustain culture change through a pragmatic four phased approach:


Phase 1:  Identify the business challenges and confirm future vision.

Phase 2:  Define current state and identify cultural gaps.

Phase 3:  Determine the right business levers to employ to drive culture change.

Phase 4:  Execute culture plan and reinforce desired behaviours


Our culture transformation toolkit integrates qualitative and quantitative data to translate cultural insights into action.

If Culture is not your friend it is likely to be your foe.

The macro business issues that organisations face today, have clear cultural implications that can either help or hinder your organisation’s strategic objectives.


  • Aggressive Growth Targets

  • Cost pressures and reduction

  • Relentless Talent Optimisation

  • Increasing and Evolving regulation

  • Increased Competition and new market entrants

  • Brand and Reputation Management

  • More educated and savvy consumers

  • Drive towards Big Data and enhanced analytics


These macro business drivers translate into a range of potential cultural implications and create specific needs in your organisation.

Value & Culture Blueprints


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