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The End of Your Employee’s Tenure Should Not Mean the End of the Relationship 

As long service awards are gradually giving way to temporary positions where short term contracts are rapidly becoming commonplace,  organisations with an engaged and well managed corporate alumni network have a competitive advantage.

Corporate alumni networks are rapidly growing in importance as the general tenure of employees at a single company is decreasing, this shift is creating an agile employment model for the new  generation where connectivity is a non-negotiable.

Transition Talent to Future Clients with:

alumni engagement programmes

Realise a Competitive Advantage through Engaging Your Alumni

outsourcing exit interviews

Outsourced Services Aimed at Optimising Organisational Efficiency

outplacement programmes

Secure a Safe Landing.

Accelerate Former Employees to New Jobs

Vitatalent assist organisations in launching, managing and rejuvenating their Alumni Programme.


Our experienced consultants are skilled in developing and implementing solutions that deliver an effectivelty segmented alumni network with strategies to ensure relevant content and opportunities are offered to the alumni network to drive and increase engagement levels. 

alumni engagement programmes

We provide a model that creates balance between the bi-directional value proposition to both parties to achieve the following returns:

  • An alumni network that helps you hire great people

  • An alumni network that provides useful business intelligence

  • An alumni network that refers new customers

  • An alumni network that are brand ambassadors


Creating Bi-Directional Value

Leading organisations are increasingly recognising the value of implementing alumni programmes, with many realising the benefits of activating this component of their Talent Life Cycle.


A number of global organisations have reported that a significant portion of their recruits are returning employees recruited from their alumni network. Increasing the possibility of rehiring former employees isn’t the only benefit to creating a corporate alumni programme, as organisations stand to save further when referrals for new talent hires and business is generated by their alumni network.

When considering the bi-directional value proposition to members of the alumni network, many consider this platform to be an essential career management tool which creates networking opportunities and connectivity to find new career or business opportunities.

Optimising your Alumni Programme


  • The Exit Process should include proactive onboarding, welcoming employees into the Corporate Alumni Network as they are transitioning.

  • When reaching out to a population with broad interests, alumni engagement requires a tailored marketing strategy.

  • Leverage Executives to raise the visibility of your Alumni Programme, can play a key role in growing your network.

  • Events that drive engagement are a pivotal part of a successful corporate alumni programme as they provide an important forum for corporate alumni to stay connected, informed and engaged throughout the year.

  • When it comes to effectively creating, managing, and realising value from a corporate alumni programme, a formal , secure and branded network is most effective. You have control over the branding, own all the data within the network and can integrate internal applications with the alumni network to facilitate business processes.

Realise a Competitive Advantage through Engaging Your Alumni

Vitatalent’s Outplacement Programmes  provide your former employees with the skills and guidance needed to transition to  future employment opportunities.  


Our targeted programmes are designed for groups and individuals at all job levels and accelerate former employees to new jobs through a structured and highly effective process.

outplacement programmes

Secure a Safe Landing.

Accelerate Former Employees to New Jobs

Fast Facts:

  • Practical advice and career guidance

  • Resilience training

  • Career evaluation

  • Resume writing

  • Interview preparation

  • Assistance and training on developing networks

  • Improving public profile on social media platforms 

  • Negotiation skills

  • E-book on “Get The Job You Want” ©


In the pursuit of an optimised organisation, HR processes that are not seen as the core competency of internal teams are being outsourced as confirmed by the increasing trend of outsourcing exit interviews.

In building an optimised organisation the core function of an internal HR team should be analysing and using the exit interview data collected by a third party, to improve the organisation’s talent management practices, in stead of spending time and resources facilitating the exit interview process. In addition, there is a growing body of evidence that the process of conducting in-house exit interviews is flawed.

Once an employee resigns they typically want their exit to be as smooth as possible and therefore avoid giving honest feedback in fear of burning bridges.  This results in organisations collecting data on exit outcomes rather than the actual reasons.  


When outsourcing the exit process, there is no fear of retribution or burning bridges as the discussion is with a third party expert and there is a confidentiality clause. 

Vitatalent provides exit-interview solutions as an outsourced service aimed at optimising organisational processes and providing valuable insights and actionable reports on exit data analysis outcomes, trends and recommendations for consideration. 

outsourcing exit interviews

Outsourced Services Aimed at Optimising Organisational Efficiency

Outsourced interviews are available in three formats: 

One-on-One Telephonic Interviews:  

Experienced interviewers gather valuable information from departing employees they would usually not be willing to share with internal teams.  

  • Interactive Voice Response: An automated solution for employees with limited internet access.

  • Automated Online Surveys:

  • A customised online exit interview questionnaire

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