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New Hires Can Either Sink or Swim

Whilst there are many software solutions available in the market that effectively streamline compliance driven processes, the most effective onboarding programmes are still those that incorporate a human touch and connects with new hires on a personal level. Vitatalent offers researched based solutions that delivers an accelerated onboarding and integration process for new hires, reducing time to competence and a quicker return on investment for the organisation.

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Welcome to the "Deep End" 


Onboarding can be described as "organisational socialisation" and refers to the process used to introduce and integrate new hires to culture, expectations and methods of the organisation during their first year. As new hires begins to learn all the unspoken rules of their new workplace often a sink-or-swim mentality kicks in, until they eventually become acclimatised to their new environment or become disengaged and leave.


With graduates and junior leaders the process of integration and socialisation is often easier, as they hold less memory of long established behav­iours, norms, rituals as conditioned by previous employers. The challenge however, for mid and senior-level executives is to embrace an organisation’s new culture and  “the way we do things around here.”


Vitatalent can assist by onboarding new hires faster by providing a model that integrates culture, values and engagement inter-dependencies.  This process is supported by technology accelerators to monitor, grow and shift cultures proactively right from the onboarding stage.

Vitatalent's Onboarding Acceleration Model

Through research we have identified a series of onboarding accelerators such as:


Accelerator 3 – A high quality relationship with your direct leader is undoubtedly related to favourable onboarding outcomes, including performance and job satisfaction. “According to one estimate, 60% of new hires who fail to onboard successfully cite failure to establish effective working relationships with their line leader as a primary reason." 

Accelerator 4 - Our onboarding programmes provides detailed compatibility reports between the new hire and their direct line leader to fast track and facilitate the building of quality relationships by addressing unspoken expectations right from the start in a quick and un-threatening manner.


Accelerator 5 - To realise a quicker return on talent investment, new hires need to intrinsically understand your organisation's business value chain and core business processes.


Vitatalent's onboarding programmes capture and include these critical elements to ensure all new hires have a solid understanding of your business value chain and are guided by this knowledge right from the start.   

Talk to our client service team for further information on how we can assist you in optimising your organisation's onboarding process.

fast start onboarding

Vitatalent designs customised onboarding programmes aligned to our client’s organisational requirements and business environment. Our onboarding programmes are designed to engage new hires from the start and keep them engaged, whilst assisting them in making connections, developing relationships and aligning with your organisation’s goals.

Our onboarding programmes are practical and effective and includes the following modules: 

  • Mapping the critical phases of the new hire journey specific to your organisation’s business environment.

  • ​Programme development in alignment with the new hire journey which ensures process and personal needs of the new hire are met, reducing time to competence

  • ​Fast track understanding and relationship building between the new hire and their manager through a series of structured, yet quick interventions that enables a positive and effective onboarding process.

graduate Development Programmes

Vitatalent provides highly effective graduate development solutions aimed at accelerating time to competence and equipping graduates with critical skills and knowledge required for work readiness.  Most companies have graduate programmes aimed at integrating entry level graduates into their organisation but few have structured learning programmes which ensures graduates are VUCA fit. 


The Future Leaders Graduate Programme, offers a customisable online development journey that can be supported by internal or external coaches.  This online development journey integrates a best in class behavioural assessment with 32 researched based leadership principles which can be configured to a 3, 6 or 12-month development programme. 

Fast Facts:

  • Neuroscience-based methodology

  • 74 pages of insightful teaching and illustration of 32 principles 

  • 32 video presentations 

  • 352 questions for reflection and self-assessment 

  • 309 multiple choice questions to assess understating

  • 9 assignment questions for evaluation

  • 71 content presentation


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